FOTA Wireless Update

FOTA (Firmware-Over-The-Air Technology) mobile hardware update software over the air, which means provide firmware update services to the devices. The devices such as cell phones, laptops, portable multimedia players, mobile networking devices, and others should have networking capabilities though Cloud update technology. To recovery and optimize the systems, customers will receive customized and easy explored update packages though network, and cloud update though OTA.

Big Data Analytic

FOTA TECH provides professional and reliable big data products, including big data basic services, data analysis, data management, data application, and other products and services. You will be able to operate and applicate big data readily.

Tech Advantage

Supports all main chip platforms

Supports all major chip platforms such as MTK, Qualcomm, and other main chip platforms.

High Efficient Delta Algorithm

National invention patent´╝îmore efficiency delta algorithm. To compare with similar technology products, our delta package is 80% smaller than them.

Supports Cross-platforms

Supports Android and IoT devices upgrades smart watches, wearable devices, smart cars, appliances, and other non-intelligent devices.

OMA standard

An important member of the OMA organization, meets requirements of mainstream telecom operators testing standards, assists Chinese enterprises in oversea markets.

Secure and Stable

Adups has multiple security methods including up-to-date security algorithms, signatures, and verifications along with USB keys to secure all updates.

Application Scenarios